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We will be willing to buy any used aircons and their parts such as the outdoor units, indoor units – fan coil, ceiling cassettes and ducted type, for any type of brand and cooling capacity. We will also be willing to offer a price for any other items and parts not mentioned.

Sell Your Old Used Aircons

Aircon must be removed and place at the Corridor that will be the best as we do not need to enter the house and convenient for everyone.  If really needed we could help to carry out from the house provided the owner agrees but it must still be dismantled...

Used Aircon & Spare Parts

A used aircon that have been completely reconditioned is capable of cooling your residences for a number of years more and with a fraction of the price of a new one. When your aircons parts breakdown due to age, it is not worth it to buy a completely new parts to replace it.