Buying Used Aircons Or Their Parts, Why Is It Worth The Effort And Money?

A used aircon that have been completely repaired or reconditioned is capable of cooling your residences for a number of years more and with a fraction of the price of a new one. With our company’s focus on acquiring and selling used aircons and our teams doing door-to-door collection daily, we have a massive stock of Second-hand aircons and their parts for those with a smaller budget. We allow customers that have the knowledge to have our stock Tested before buying or you can engage your own trusted teams of aircons technician to checked thoroughly ensuring that it is working effectively for daily use before buying our stock. 

When your aircons parts breakdown due to age and no longer under warranty, it is not worth it to buy a completely new parts to replace for several reasons:

  • The waiting time to receive the parts you ordered might not be convenient for you as it might take days for them to reach you
  • The other components or parts of the same unit might also break down any time soon, causing the need to also replace them leading to higher costs overall

Buy a used replacement parts for your aircons with us. All replacement parts are allowed to be tested by technicians trusted by customers to ensure it is usable and in most cases, it is cheaper than buying a new one.

If you are interested in buying or just would like to enquire about stock availability and pricing, get back to us. Should the stock be unavailable, you can make a request for us to put aside the parts or used aircon units for you.  Get to us by whats-app or email  to our mail and inform us the type of brand and model number you are looking for. Once we have the stock ready, we will give you a notice before you can make arrangement to come and test and collect.

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