Selling Your Used Aircons Or Their Parts, Where To Sell For Reasonable Price And Door-To-Door Collection?

When your old aircon broke down and the costs to repair it is just not worth it, it can still bring you one final value – the cash that you can get selling it for scrap. Not all the parts of your old aircon are unusable when it reached the end of its life. The parts that are usable can be sell to be used as spare parts. The price of what you are selling or disposing off depends on the market demand and other factors such as age and cooling capacity (BTUs / Horsepower) of the aircons.

We will be willing to buy any used aircons and their parts for any type of brand and cooling capacity. Among the parts that we are willing to buy are the outdoor units, indoor units – fan coil, ceiling cassettes and ducted type. We will also be willing to offer a price for any other items and parts not mentioned. The items that you sell will be part of our stock of used spare parts and should any units or their parts sold be completely unusable, we will sent for recycling.

For even more convenience and value, come to us for a site viewing or door-to-door collection and quotation. There is no need to trouble yourself for transporting the items that you want to sell. We will do the pickup anywhere in Singapore. Our team is highly experienced and trained as well as always ready to do site viewing.

Site Viewing Locations Includes:

  • Showroom
  • Factory
  • En-Bloc
  • Office Buildings and etc
  • Store or Stock Clearance For Air-Conditioner Companies

Appointment is needed for site viewing. Contact us now.

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