Leading the way in recycling Air Conditioning

Cheng Hwa Trading Pte Ltd specializes in the buy, sell & export of scrap, 2nd hand and used aircons of any brand, model and type in Singapore. Our company will offer a price for any used aircons and its parts. Any used aircons acquired will then be evaluated for its value. Be it as part of our used air conditioner stock or scrap for spare parts or recycling. We will bring our service up to your door with our door-to-door collection service.

Cheng Hwa Scrap Aircon started operation in 2006. Since then, we have continued to accumulate knowledge and experience in assisting customers giving them peace of mind for your scrap aircons and 2nd hand or used aircons.

Under new regulations Singapore’s Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) scheme for E-Waste management. Chenghwa Trading Pte Ltd is One of the appointed PRS E-Waste Recyclers. (Air-condition)

We have a number of teams always ready to go around Singapore for door-to-door collection and bring everything back to our warehouse to be sorted out by our team stationed there. Units in good condition and spare parts that customers enquire for will be put aside and the rest will be recycled.

We have few teams going around Singapore doing collection and bring back everything to our factory and sort out our teams station in store will sort out those good units and spare parts that customer enquire, other will be recycle.

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